Jan 29th - More 2 player games

We're still 2 players and Steve decided to play one of the new 2 player Age of Steam maps that he'd bought at Essen. St Lucia is a map by Ted Alspach and there is a detailed description of the game here from a few weeks back when Steve and Richard played. I like Age of Steam but I've never played the game on the same map twice, so once again this is a new map for me.

Steve grabbed the urbanisation job, which is particularly useful, and started on the west coast making it as difficult for me as possible by winding his track about to prevent me from joining into his city. I intended to build across the south of the island but decided to head north to prevent Steve from gaining to much of an advantage, it was nearly the death of me as I missed out on the urbanisation for the next couple of rounds and found it difficult to get going. I eventually managed to make a few nice connections down the east side with Steve taking most of the west side. In the end it was very close with Steve just managing to pip me by four points.

Steve 70, Garry 66

As the St Lucia map hadn't taken long we grabbed a few games of Karo which we'd played before as an end of evening filler. This time I managed to fight back a little better but still lost to steve in the end.

Steve 3 wins, Garry 2 wins.

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