30 March - Vasco da Gama

Another game of Vasco da Gama. Really like this game, but it's really hard, everything is an agonising choice.

Matt 85, Steve 80, Garry 65

16th March - Vasco da Gama

Vasco da Gama, good game.
Blimey! Bit of an AP slog tonight.

Steve 86, Matt, Garry 69

9th March - Le Havre

I've only played Le Havre twice and wasn't too impressed. At lot of people on the geek seem to like it so I thought I'd try it again before I sold it on. Well I liked it much better this time (3 player, short game) but blimey was it a brain burner. I'll be keeping it, but only just.

Matt 155, Steve 125, Garry 94

2nd March - Genoa

We played Genoa tonight. hmmm I'm not sure about this one, need to play it again to make sure.

Steve 695, Matt, 620, Garry 585

Then finished with a game of Relikt, nice little card game.

Steve 13, Garry 10, Matt 8

23rd Feb - Hansa Teutonica

Another game of Hansa Teutonica, this is a really good game. Forgot to pick up the paper with scores on.

Matt 59, Garry 58, Steve37

Then a game of Gipsy King.

Matt 105, Steve 94, Garry 3rd

2nd Feb - Hansa Teutonica

Back after a long break with Hansa Teutonica, and very good it was too, Steve was so impressed he bought a copy (which is saying something)

Garry 67, Steve 66, Matt 59