Jan 10th - Takenoko & Mundus Novus

2 games in one night, that dosn't happen very often. We started with Takenoko, a game about growing bamboo and feed it to a panda, a bit light but good fun.

Garry 29, Ben 28, Steve 28, Matt 22

Then we played Mundus Novus a card based trading game, talk about meaty, a lot of game in a small box, definately want to play that again.

Steve winning combo, Ben 62, Garry 59, Matt 46

3rd Jan - Dominant Species

Got this as a Christmas pressie, fantastic game (and makes up for the fact that I only got to play Trivial Pursuit and Masterpiece over the Xmas holiday).

Steve 191, Matt 148, Garry 145

13th Dec -Olympos

Just noticed that I hadn't added this game that we played before Xmas. I didn't make a note of the scores but I do remember coming last. If anyone else can remember the results I'll update this entry.