24th Nov - Navegador

A new Essen game, well it's that time of the year. Navegador is the latest in the roundel series of games by Mac Gerdts. I really enjoyed this one of the better roundel games.

Steve 102 (tiebreak), Garry 104, Matt 87, Lance 75

Then we finished the evening with a game of Parade, a Japanese card game themed around Alice in Wonderland, no really.

Garry 12, Matt 20, Lance 20, Steve 47

9th Nov - Age of Empires III

This week we played an older game (well only 3 years or so, so hardly that old), Age of Empires III. I'd played this before and not liked it at all, but this time it made much more sense and the time flew by, great game (even tho' I lost)

Matt 91, Richard 88, Steve 68, Garry 67

2 Nov - Steam Amazon map

This week we played the Amazon Steam map release this year at Essen. Quite a different mechanism regading the point scored for shipping cubes. It worked quite well but created a scramble for city exits with lots of stubs growing slowly across the board.

Matt 39, Richard 38 (2nd on tie break), Garry 38, Steve 37