23rd June - Maya

This week we played Maya. It's a card driven, block collecting, temple building game. It was pretty good. And I won wh hooo! (this doesn't happen very often).

Garry 50, Steve 45, Matt 37, Richard 32

After that 4 rounds of Geschenkt with secret money, always great fun.

Richard 162, Steve 247, Garry 258, Matt 301
(lowest wins)

16th June - Steam

Steam again, this time the German map. We all really like Steam, we played it with the Standard rules to see how it compared to the Basic game, we prefered the basic game by 3 votes to 1. With that said both games are very good, just different.

Richard 62, Matt 48, Steve 45, Garry 42

10th June - Automobile

Richard got a copy of Automobile at the UK Game Expro. Like a lot of Martin Wallace's games it takes a while to get the hang of the rules but after that it's fairly straight forward. As it was our first game it was very difficult to work out what to do, that coupled with the rules gave my brain a bit of a work out.

We all agreed that we would have done things differently once we realised how the mechanisims worked together (especially Lance who seem to be collecting black cubes like he was General Motors). So we'll need to play it again before I pass judgement.

Richard 4120, Steve 3910, Garry 3590, Lance 2820

3rd June - Back again and Steam

I've started blogging again. I stopped as I was finding it difficult to find new things to say, what do you write about the 20th game of Agricola? So from now on it'll be brief with just the game we played and the scores etc , there may be a a few other words depending on how much time I have.

Last night we played Steam the new Martin Wallace remix of Age of Steam and very good it was too. Richard won but it was a very close game

Richard 42, Matt 41, Garry 39, Steve 36