26th Nov - Snowdonia

Another go building a railway up a mountain in Snowdonia, 4 players this time and as we'd played once before it made a bit more sense, and like today's weather it was mostly rain with a bit of fog.

Matt 75, Garry 64, Steve 63, Paul 55

Then we had time for Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill another new game from Essen and another keeper. Lots of interaction and 'take that', 'no you take that' sort of thing and just staying on the right side of chaos.

Steve 30, Matt29, Garry 28, Paul 28

Nov 19th - Keyflower

Another play of Keyflower. Really liking this one, you get to take actions during the bidding phase. A first play for Matt and Ben so it should be better the next time around. Very tight scoring at the end.

Ben 47, Steve 47, Garry 45, Matt 45

12th Nov - Keyflower

Keyflower, another new game from Essen. It was a bit confusing at first but once things got moving it all dropped into place.
It's a goodie, I've been really impressed by the games I've brought back this year, they've all been good so far.
Steve 65, Garry 58, Lance 54

5th Nov - 20th Century

This week we played 20th Century, hmm... not sure about this one, I liked bits of it. Definitely need to play it again.

Ben 129, Matt 122, Paul 113, Steve, 81, Garry 79