29th Oct - Snowdonia

There were 5 of us this week building a railway up the side on Mt. Snowdon. Snowdonia is not really a train game but it does have trains in it (which is close enough). It's a worker placement, collect resources, convert them and build things for VPs game. So nothing hugely innovative but it's very well done and definately a keeper. Next time we'll be playing with the Ivor the Engine promo card - how cool is that!

Steve 87, Matt 85, Ben 79, Paul 68, Garry 40 (woeful)

22nd Oct - Carson City

Carson City from 2009 with added Essen goodness in the form of this years expansion. Hmmm... well the expansion certainly changes the game a bit, not for necessarily for the better (or worse), it's still a great game. I'm getting more and more dubious about expansions there are very few that really make a game better.

Matt 39, Garry 38, Ben 29, Steve 28

Games from Essen

Here's the haul from Essen.

Click for biggness

Agricola All Creatures... expansion and Carson City expansion were punched and the boxes thrown away.

Also not pictured is Conflict of Heroes 2nd ed. which would have taken me over my baggage allowance on it's own. So that's making the journey home by road (thanks Lance) 

There were a few other games that I wanted to buy but getting it all in the case and on the plane would have been a struggle. So games that didn't make the cut, but I'll be looking out for are: Terra Mystica (sold out at the show), Il Vecchio, Kosmonouts just for starters.

19th Oct - Essen

Just here for 2 days this time. Lots of of nice new games.

The good:
I got a copy of Trains, in fact I bought 3 train games, all Japanese.
I didn't buy the new Fragor game, the box is enormous! Just ridiculously big.

The bad:
It's very busy.
I picked up Conflict of Heroes when I first got here without realising that it weighed the same as a small family car.
The Mundus Novus freebies were last year, sorry Matt.
Editing this blog on an iPad is a right pain.

8th Oct - Tournay

Tournay this week, I bought this at Essen last year and have only just round to playing it. I quite liked it but it'll need a few plays before we get a bit more comfortable with the tactics etc.

Garry 37, Matt 28, Steve 24

Then a quick game of 23, really nice little game, I'm still trying to work out the best way of playing it.

Garry 11, Matt 13, Steve 16
(low scores are best)

1st Oct - Agricola

Agricola, what more can I say. This time we played with the Netherlands deck which has some mad cards.

Steve 47, Matt 43, Garry 23 (pitiful)

With a bit of time left over we had a game of Botswana. I opened with the Lion gambit which can be very powerful against inexperienced players but it was quickly countered by Matt's Zebra and Rhino pincer movement. Not to be detered Steve powered through with the Elephants but, like Hannibal in the Alps fell, slightly short.

Matt 81, Garry 78, Steve 76

24th Sep - Key Market

Yes another go at Key Market. We really like this game. I didn't do quite so well this time.

Matt 171, Steve 133, Garry 103