19th Oct - Essen

Just here for 2 days this time. Lots of of nice new games.

The good:
I got a copy of Trains, in fact I bought 3 train games, all Japanese.
I didn't buy the new Fragor game, the box is enormous! Just ridiculously big.

The bad:
It's very busy.
I picked up Conflict of Heroes when I first got here without realising that it weighed the same as a small family car.
The Mundus Novus freebies were last year, sorry Matt.
Editing this blog on an iPad is a right pain.


mattgreen said...

No worries about the Mundus Novus cards Garry. Thanks for looking. slightly worried regarding the number of train games.

Garry said...

Well, I bought Snowdonia as well and although not strictly a train game (we're building a railway up a mountain) That'll take it up to 4.