27th Aug - Dominant Species

It's bank holiday weekend and although we couldn't arrange a full day of games playing we did start early so we could get a game of Dominant Species in.

Matt 211, Garry 203, Steve 159

20th Aug - Key Market

Well we enjoyed Key Market so much that we thought we'd have another go.

Steve 108, Matt 99, Garry 84

13th Aug - Key Market

Key Market goes for a lot of money 2nd hand, it's a good game a solid 7.5/10 but I wouldn't get bent out of shape if I couldn't get a copy. Bit of a hefty rule book but in reality it's no more complicated than most other Euros.

Matt 130, Steve 114, Garry 98

6th Aug - Dos Rios

Dos Rios this week, pretty good one this, we played with three and the amount of chaos was just about OK. I would imagine that with 4 it would be very hard to plan anything.

Garry - Built all his buildings, Matt - Built all except 2, Steve - Built all except 3

As the Olympics were on we played a game of Olympia 2000. Well it hardly captures the thrill of the Olympics, even from the comfort of your sofa. Still, not as bad as the closing ceremony.

Steve 36 (gold), Matt 24 (silver), Garry 9 (bronze)

30th July - Dominant Species Card Game

Much hype about Dominant Species the Card Game and it's actualy a good little game. I was impressed enough to buy myself a copy.

Garry 51, Matt 48, Steve 19
Garry 44, Steve 38, Matt 29

Then a game of King of Tokyo, good fun push your luck game. I died. Obviously pushed my luck a little too far.

Steve 20, Matt 15, Garry - Dead

16th July - Paris Connection

I wanted to play some of the quicker games and card games that I never seem to get around to. So we started off with 2 games of Paris Connection, which I really like.

Steve 93, Lance 83, Ben 81, Garry 78, Matt 65
Garry 111, Matt 105, Steve 102, Lance 98, Ben 87

Then a game of David and Goliath - hmmm this one was OKish

Matt 62, Garry 49, Lance 43, Steve 39, Ben 36

And Finishing off with Byzanz, which everyone agreed was very good.

Steve 26, Matt 25, Lance 22, Garry 20, Ben 16