29th Nov - Power Grid, Central Europe

Not played Power Grid for ages, great game.

Steve 17 (tie break), Garry 17, Ben 15, Matt 14

22nd Nov - Age of Empires III

I'm not a huge fan of this but it's growing on me.

Richard 92, Steve 91, Garry 75, Matt 66

15th Nov - German Railways

I'd been dying to play German Railways, it was due for Essen 2010 but ended up being delayed until Essen 2011. A lot of people have been saying that it's like Chicago Express, but it's not. Yes it has trains/shares/cubes for tracks but other than that it's a different game. Still to early to say if it's as good as Chicago Express but I really liked the first game we played despite losing by miles.

Matt 365, Steve 353, Richard 288, Garry 191

Then time for a quick game of Botswana. Can't beat playing with loads of plastic animals.

Steve 68, Garry 65, Matt 64, Richard 64

9th Nov - Amyitis

Steve and I both bought a copy of this in the Works for £7.99. This is a dreadful game, even the name sounds like an embarrasing complaint that you need to get some cream from the doctor for. I wish I'd spent the money on some new attachments for my Dremel instead. I've harvested the wooden bits for my spares drawer and the rest has gone in the recycle bin. From shrink wrap to dustbin in less that 2 weeks, must be some sort of record.

Matt 58, Steve 55, Ben 50, Garry 38

1st Nov - Agricola

We've not played Agricola for a while, it's a brilliant game, I'm still not very good at it though.

Steve 40, Richard 38, Garry 31, Ben 28, Matt 25