28th Sep - Endeavor

Another game of Endeavor, great game.

Steve 56, Richard 55, Matt 48, Garry 43

Then we had time for a quick game of Feurio! Which which wasn't enjoyed much by Matt and I.

Richard 42, Garry 18, Steve 18, Matt 2

21st Sep - Steam, Agricola & Lost Cities

This week we were down to 2 players, normally we don't bother when there are only 2 but we played anyway.
We started off with the Alabama 2 player Steam map, which works quite well, it did need a tweak to add the first choice job tile to make it work properly.

Garry 44, Richard 42
Yes you did read that right, I beat Richard at Steam!

As Steam didn't take too long we played Agricola, I haven't played 2 player for ages and it works really well.

Garry 45, Richard 42
Wh-hooo I won at Agricola!

Then we finished up with a quick game of Lost Cities, where Richard got his revenge.

Richard 112, Garry 38

15th Sep - Agricola

Guess what we played tonight? Argricola! thing is it's a great game, and tonight I did reasonably well.

Richard 50, Garry 39, Matt 31

Then we had time for a game of Medici.

Alice 152, Richard 127, Garry 124, Matt 119

7th Sep - Endeavor

This week we played Endeavor, good game can't wait to play again. I lost the scores when I gave my office a spring clean (in september?). Anyway I probably won my a huge margin.

31st Aug - Chicago Express

We had a new player this week, Ben, a self confessed newbie having only played Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride previously. We decided to play Chicago Express this week and Ben did really well considering that it can be a bit hard to get a grasp on auction games the first time out (and he bought chocolates!)

Richard 120, Garry 78, Ben 76, Matt 37

Then we finished up with a quick game of Tongiaki.

Richard 26, Matt 22, Ben 17, Garry 12