28th Sep - Endeavor

Another game of Endeavor, great game.

Steve 56, Richard 55, Matt 48, Garry 43

Then we had time for a quick game of Feurio! Which which wasn't enjoyed much by Matt and I.

Richard 42, Garry 18, Steve 18, Matt 2


mattgreen said...

Playing this again reminded me of this article:


I remember reading it a few months ago and thinking the guy was wrong for criticising Agricola for requiring players to diversify. I still think so- there are some specialist strategies in Agricola that pay off very well as long as your cards support them. With Endeavor I agree with him more: you can't really ignore any one facet of the points opportunities.

Richard Minson said...

Reading through the link - I think I agree with one of the comments further down - Specialisation with Endeavor comes with the path you chose to get the points - not with the points you get.

Basically I won the first game by targeting shipyards and shipping more than any one else - I came a very close second yesterday by going down a building route and getting the better buildings (though i did end up double shipping with the Cartographer in the later turns)

The real issues is the method by which you manage to accrue VPs - not what tracks the VPs are scored on.