Aug 16th - Tinner's Trail

I wasn't around this week so Richard wrote this report

The Bottle Imp

Whilst waiting for Jo we had a quick game of the Bottle Imp

Sadly Steve got caught with the Imp twice in three rounds - the significant time being when I managed to discard my '2' under his '3' - I think we were both sweating a little!!

Matt 38, Steve 17, Richard 94

Tinners Trail

In the first Turn Jo manage to mine siginificantly more copper than the rest of us - and with the high copper price giving him loads of cash it was very difficult for the rest of us to close the gap ....

Jo 98, Steve 76, Matt 77, Richard 85

San Juan

Once Steve and Matt and departed Jo & myself finished with a quick game of San Juan

My Guild Hall/Palace combo won out over Jo's Guld Hall/Chapel

Richard 42, Jo 38

2nd August - The Spiecherstadt

Bought this at Essen last year and this is the first time I've played it. Really nice little game.

Ben 33, Garry 32, Steve 18

We has some time left over so Played a few games of Paris Connection

Garry 89, Ben 86, Steve 78
Steve 181, Ben 167, Garry 136
Garry 156, Steve 139, Ben 125

26th July - Age of Empires III

I'm quite liking Age of Empires III despite it looking like an Ameritash game with all the plastic figures.

Matt 103, Richard 90, Steve 89, Garry 78

19th July - Masters of Venice

We abandoned Masters of Venice after about 2hrs of painfull play.

That's the nicest thing I can say about it.

No scores