Just back from Essen

This should keep me going for a while.

The huge pile of punched cardboard frames from Glass Road, 16 of them!
The game weighed the same as two small children, glad I bought it at the
end of the day or it would have dislocated my shoulders.

21st Oct - Tzolkin

Another game of Tzolkin, it's a really good game but if you know people who suffer with AP it can be a bit of a problem. There's an expansion out this year but there is already enough going on that I think I'll stick with the base game.

Steve 72, Matt 63, Garry 53

Then a game of Botswana to finish things off.

Matt 89, Steve 88, Garry 82

14th Oct - Hansa Teutonica

Last week Izzy sat in on the rules explanation for Hansa Teutonica and Matt reckoned that she would able to join in a game with the 'grown ups'. Well she finished in second place, just one point behind her dad, you've got her well trained Matt!

Matt 50, Izzy 49, Garry 40, Steve 39

Then time for a filler before the end of the night. Relikt is a great game but it's not a light filler, lots of game in a little box. Good job Izzy had gone to bed otherwise I'd have come 4th rather than 3rd (but still last)

Steve 12, Matt 12, Garry 6

7th Oct - Hansa Teutonica

I really like this game, and yes there really is more than one path to victory. Lance almost caught us all napping but didn't quite manage to follow through.

Matt 52, Lance 37, Steve 34, Garry 31

Then time for John Silver

Steve 25, Garry 18, Matt 16, Lance 3

30th Sep - Keyflower

Great game. Somehow I managed to get the win, I wish I could remember how I did it.

Garry 50, Paul 45, Steve 40, Lance 40, Matt 37

23rd Sep - CO2

This week we played CO2. It didin't seem to go down very well, I don't know why really as, looking back, I can't think of anything in particular that I disliked about it.

Didn't make a note of the scores.

9th Sep - Tzolkin

Tzolkin - Quite good but nothing that special (ie no trains in it). I made a huge mistake at the begining that haunted me all game.

Steve 73, Matt 68, Garry 31

Sep 2nd - Terra Mystica

Another play of this great game.

Steve 119, Matt 117, Garry 102

The time for Fish Eat Fish.

Garry 12, Matt 6, Steve 3