21st Dec - Power Grid

We played Power Grid on the Korean map. I've got all the maps but I've not played Power Grid for a few years, I'd also just bought a set of poker chips that made dealing with cash a lot easier.

Steve 17 (won the tie-break on cash), Ben 17, Matt 16, Garry 11

14th Dec - Cuba

This week we played Cuba. Great game despite a bit of confusion about the last round.

Steve 76 (won the tie-break on money), Garry 76, Richard 75, Matt 68

7th Dec - Agricola

My 31st game of Agricola. I think I've played this game more than any other, and I still love it. This time we played with the through the seasons mini expansion.

Steve 57, Richard 39, Garry 35, Matt 32

6th Dec - Baltimore & Ohio

I had some holiday left at work so decided to have a game day as I had a couple of game that I wanted to play that would take more than an evening to play. Baltimore and Ohio is a train and shares game and took us around 4 hrs to play. An excellent game, next time we play we'll use poker chips instead of money and there is some software that will help with the calculations.

Richard 2712, Steve 2205, Garry 2079, Matt 2041

Then we had some time left for Hansa Teutonica with the new expansion.

Richard 53, Steve 49, Garry 43, Matt 27

30th Nov - Age of Empires III

Another game of Age of Empires III. Good Stuff

Richard 91, Steve 72, Matt 69, Garry 65