24th April - Kremlin

This week we played Kremlin, an old game from 1986, still had to punch it before we started tho. Very definately of it's time, but still fun. A few things were a bit confusing but it came together in the end.

Lance 3 waves, Ben 2, Matt 1, Steve 1, Garry 0

10th April - Leader 1: Hell of the North

As it was the Paris-Roubaix bike race on Sunday it seemed fitting to play Leader 1: Hell of the North. Paris - Roubaix is a 260km slog through northern France a lot of which is over cobbled farm tracks.

After a quick rules read through we were off. For some reason my squad of Tom Boonan, Fabian Cancellara and Alberto Contador (admittedly not at his best on cobbles) were beaten into 3rd place by Matt's team of George III, Barak Obama and Pippa Middleton. And exactly where Steve managed to get a team consisting of Spooky, Cranky and Tubby from I don't know, probably a circus. Anyway I think drug tests are called for.

Top of the Podium: Matt

1st Loser: Steve
2nd Loser: Garry

2nd April - Carolus Magnus & Taluva

Three of us again this week, Steve started us off with Carolus Magnus.

Steve 8, Matt 5, Garry 3

Then time for a game of Taluva

Steve Won, Matt 2nd, Garry 3rd