24th April - Kremlin

This week we played Kremlin, an old game from 1986, still had to punch it before we started tho. Very definately of it's time, but still fun. A few things were a bit confusing but it came together in the end.

Lance 3 waves, Ben 2, Matt 1, Steve 1, Garry 0


mattgreen said...

Everyone was very sporting in playing Kremlin. It took a while for me to get my head around explaining the rules given that you can't say "it's a bit like..." because it isn't like anything else really.

The previous week we player Cyclades with the Hades expansion which was a busy game in that there were a lot of mechanisms all going on at once. Unlike Assyria and Amyitis though they did seem to connect and form a decent game with a good theme. The Hades mechanic was especially good, I thought.

Anonymous said...

Darn it Kremlin - I love Kremlin!!

I think I might have to go outside and stand on the Office Steps and wave at people :-)

... we did play it way back in 2006 ...