Sep 15 - Ice Flow and Vikings

Managed to get 2 games in this week. The first was Ice Flow which I enjoyed more than the first playing of it. Still feel a bit meh towards it though.

Richard 3, Steve 2, Matt 1, Garry 1

Then a game of Vikings I was a long way ahead on the scoring track for the beginning of the game but I couldn't get anywhere near enough fishermen so I knew that I was doomed.

Matt 83, Richard 44, Steve 44, Garry 43

8th September - Chicago Express

Decided to play Chicago Express again whilst it's still fresh in our heads. I really like this game, even though I didn't do to well this time.

Steve 99, Matt 84, Garry 64, Richard 60

We finished Chicago Express pretty quick so we had a few rounds of Flaschenteufel which Matt described as 'Horrible, Horrible, Horrible', I don't think he liked it.

Richard 114, Steve 83, Garry 59, Matt 9

1st Sep - Agricola

I wasn't here this week but they played Agricola (maybe you've heard of it?). Apparently it was a very close game.

Richard 37, Steve 36, Matt 34