9th April - Trains and Noah

Woooh! deck building, not my favorite genre, but it has trains in it which softens the blow. Trains is the deckbuilder that actualy works (I'm not a fan of Dominion). Basically you use the deck to enable you to build a railway network on a map. Good stuff, can't wait to play it again (even tho I lost)

Matt 40, Steve 41, Garry 27

Noah is a nice little card game that I picked up at Essen, nice little tin box, cute graphic and vicious game play, what's not to like.

Garry 15, Steve 11, Matt 9

2 April - Terra Mystica

Tuesday this week due to the Easter Holidays. We were joined this week by Tony Boydell who was working in the area, so I took the opportunity to get my copy of Snowdonia signed. Tony wrote up the evening much better than I can here: Tony's Blog

Matt 107, Garry 91, Tony 88, Steve 74

Then a game of Fruit Bandits
Steve 40, Garry 39, Tony 33, Matt 30

and to wrap up the evening a game of Love Letter
Matt 4, Garry 3, Ton 3, Steve 1

25th March - Agricola

Agricola, this time with the World Championship Deck. I didn't realise that there was a World Championhip.

Steve 52, Matt 44, Garry 27

Then a quick go at Hey That's my Fish.

Matt 35, Steve 42, Garry 24

11th March - Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica is a brilliant game, my favorite from this years Essen.

Matt 118, Steve 94, Garry 90