4th March - Snowdonia

Another go up Snowdonia, this time the Blaenau Ffestiniog route. Quite different and I managed to grab the win with the (overpowered?) Ivor the engine card which enabled me to build in the fog.

Garry 88, Matt 80, Steve 62

25th Feb - Comuni and Coup

Another go at Comuni, hmm... still not sure on this one, and the rules aren't much cop.

Matt 50, Paul 46, Steve 42, Garry 25

Then a couple of games of Coup, lots of bluffing, I think it takes a few games to 'get it'.

1st Garry, 2nd Steve, 3rd Paul, 4th Matt
1st Garry, 2nd Steve, 3rd Paul, 4th Matt

18th Feb - Locomotive Werks

I like train games (there I said it), Locomotive Werks is not your typical train game though, you're trying to build trains rather than networks. If you've played Martin Wallace's Automobile this is the game that he was inspired by (or ripped off, depends on your point of view). It's fairly simple but tricky to get right, we played with 3 but in hindsight it would probably be better with 4 or more.

Garry 408, Steve 357, Matt 323