28th July - Cuba + El Presidente expansion

A real brain burner. I think it's better with the expansion but need to play it more to be sure, but it does make for a long game.

Garry 109. Richard 105, Steve 105, Lance 97, Matt 96.

21st July - 3 small games

Matt 27, Steve 18, Garry 17, Richard 10

Matt 12, Steve 11, Richard 9, Garry 4

I've now edited the scores, thanks Richard.

Matt 156, Richard 133, Garry 106, Steve 97

14th July - Agicola and San Juan

4 Player Agricola, I realy like this game but seem score lower and lower each time I play.

Matt 44, Steve 36, Richard 36, Garry 28

Then time for a quick game of San Juan, I got all the rules right this time.

Richard 45, Garry 32, Steve 30, Matt 30

Garry does something worthwhile shock!

Four friends and I are going to be cycling from London to Cambridge, that's 60 miles, on the 26th of July, to raise money for bowel and breast cancer research.
One of my best friends, Paul, who is cycling with us, was diagnosed with bowel Cancer last year. The fact that he is able cycle with us is a testament to the quality of modern treatment. I'm just happy that I'm cycling with him and not in his memory. Our aim is to raise £5,000 between us.

Seeing as the ride comes just a few weeks before my 50th birthday and I've spent the last 10 years mostly sitting on my arse this is quite a big thing for me. I also doubt that I'll be doing this sort of thing on a regular basis, if fact the last time I asked for sponsors for anything was Run the World in 1986 so it's safe to consider this a one off. I've given my bike a service, dug out my lycra cycling shorts (calm down) and have spent the last month or so getting myself fit (well, fitter).

If you would like to sponsor me please click the link which will fill you in with a little more info and take you to our Just Giving page so you can make a donation online.

11th July - Pasteboard and Plastic

I couldn't stay all day but managed a game of Steam. 4 players, 1 newbie, German map. Great fun, we played the basic game which we all seem to prefer.

Garry 56, Matt 50, Jo 47, Mark 32

7th July - Airlines

A bit of a blast from the past this week, Airlines from 1990, hmm... I'm not sure it stands the test of time. After that a couple of quick games of John Silver, a really nice card game.

Airlines: Richard 74, Matt 72, Garry 58, Steve 50

John Silver: Garry 48, Richard 38, Matt 28, Steve 25

30th June - Amun-Re

More ancient monuments this week with Amun-Re. Afterwards we had some time for a quck game of San Juan, I got half the rules wrong, but still managed to win as I had the Chapel, which is far too powerfull.

Amun Re: Steve 32, Matt 30, Richard 29, Garry 23
San Juan: Garry 33, Matt 28, Steve 24, Richard 24