30th June - Amun-Re

More ancient monuments this week with Amun-Re. Afterwards we had some time for a quck game of San Juan, I got half the rules wrong, but still managed to win as I had the Chapel, which is far too powerfull.

Amun Re: Steve 32, Matt 30, Richard 29, Garry 23
San Juan: Garry 33, Matt 28, Steve 24, Richard 24


Iain Cheyne said...

The chapel isn't too powerful. It can sap your strength, especially if you invest too early. The Library, on the other hand, could be undervalued at 5.

JimF said...

Only card I regard as too powerful is the Guild Hall. Couple that seem too weak - Archive comes to mind.
Chapel seems fine to me.

mattgreen said...

The library is massively over-rated. The Prefecture is much more dangerous at a cost of 3.