22nd June Carson City

Another game of Carson City. It's a really good game with loads of different tactics worth trying. Can't wait to play again

Richard 42, Garry 41, Steve 39

15th June - Carson City

I like this game (well after 1 play, have to see how it pans out). Carson City was said to be Caylus with guns, it's not. Worker placement - yes, guns - yes, Caylus - no.

Steve 37 (win on tiebreak - dagnabit!) Garry 37, Richard, 35

8th June - The Dutch Golden Age

This week we played The Dutch Golden Age. Not bad.

Richard 37, Matt 31, Steve 28, Garry 24

25th May - Chicago Express

I really like Chicago Express and this time we tried the Erie Railroad expansion. Excellent game must play it more.

Matt 110, Garry 91, Steve 89, Richard 55

As we had a bit of time left we had a game of Buccaneer. We did get the rules wrong but it still worked OK, I'm sure it'll be better next time.

Richard 99, Steve 87, Matt 74, Garry 70

18th May - Amun Re

Amun Re is a Reiner Knizia design for 2003, I quite enjoyed it.

Steve 37, Richard, Garry 26, Matt 23

We then followed it up with a few hands of Geschenkt.

Matt 59, Steve 67, Richard 97, Garry 171