21st Jan - Myrmes

Another go at Myrmes, better known as 'that ant game'. When I first played this just after Essen I was quite impressed but it seems that this years Essen crop was particularly good and everything else I've played has been even better. Still, it's a good game but nothing special.

Paul 60, Matt 53, Garry 53, Steve 44

15th Jan - Terra Mystica

Another go at Terra Mystica. This time we randomly chose our factions and also set up the bonus cards and scoring card randomly. I love this game, really really good, I still feel as though I'm stumbling around in the dark regarding strategy but it's great fun learning.

Matt 93, Garry 88, Steve 77

And we had time for a game of Love Letter afterwards.

Matt 5, Garry 1, Steve 0

11th Jan - Terra Mystica

Really wanting to try out Terra Mystica so we decided to give it a go on a Friday night as it was likely to take quite a while.

The game itself is not difficult to play but there is a lot of rules to learn. I'd read the rules several times before and written out a players guide, even so it took 90 mins to explain everything. Fortunately we got almost everything right, with just 1 rule about building towns wrong.

Once we got started things flowed a bit quicker but there are so many things to do it really melts your brain.

It's a great game though, well from what I can tell after 1 play. Loads of things to do and with all the different Faction/scoring tiles/bonus tiles I think it going to keep us busy for a while.

Matt 89, Steve 89, Ben 80, Garry 69
(These are the scores I have written down, I'm not sure if they're right, I thought Ben came in 3rd Place)

7th Jan - Comuni

Comuni this week, hmmm... Not sure about this one

Paul 45, Steve 32, Matt 30, Garry 16