26 Oct - Notre Dame

Matt had been to The Works and picked up a copy of Notre Dame for £7.99 and was keen to play. It's a good game and at that price a real bargain.

Garry 51, Matt 49, Steve 39

Afterwards we had a quick game of Nottingham.

Matt 111, Garry 103, Steve 86

24th Oct - Back from Essen

Bit knackered after my trip, here's my pile of purchases. If you look carefully you can see 3 train games and a new map for Steam. Bet Matt can't wait, I know I can't.

11th Oct - Inca Empire

I bought Inca Empire last year at Essen, finally got round to playing it. It's really good, should have played it sooner.

Steve 185, Richard 177, Matt 163, Garry 161

4th Oct - Troyes

Another game of Troyes. This was Richards first play of it and the only time the rest of us had played with 4 players, made it quite a different game.

Matt 37, Steve 32, Richard 25, Garry 22

27th Sep - Chicago Express

6 player Chicago Express, blimey, bit of a squeeze but great fun.

Richard 68, Ben 59, Matt 59, Garry 50, Jo 48, Steve 37

Then time for several hands of Poison, only 5 players this time.

Richard 12, Matt 21, Garry 29, Ben 35, Steve 37