21st June - K2 and Carson City

We were a Ben's this week and we started off with a game of K2, try to climb the mountain without dying, easy? No. I thought I'd managed it but my lead climber died at the top.

Matt 16 (tie-break), Richard 16, Garry 7 (tie-break), Ben 7

As it was only 9.30 we squeezed in a game of Carson City. I really like this game, I just wish I could remember what I did that gave me the win.

Garry 40, Matt 39, Ben 35, Richard 34

14th June - Vinci

This week an oldie. Vinci is the game that became Small World.

Garry 123, Richard 122, Steve 117, Ben 116

Then time for a few rounds of Hol's der Geier.

Garry 74, Steve 40, Ben 39, Richard 7

7th June - Leonardo

We've not played Leonardo for a while and I can see why. It's a game where you have to invent things, shame you can't un-invent things, like this game for example.

Matt 62, Steve 56, Richard 33, Garry 29

31 May - Cuba + expansion

5 Player Cuba with the expansion, great game.

Garry 88, Ben 84 (tie break), Richard 84, Matt 83, Steve 74

24 May - Hansa Teutonica & China

One of my favorites Hansa Teutonica.

Matt 60, Richard 45, Garry 35, Steve 30

Then just enough time for a game of China.

Steve 47, Richard 35, Garry 31, Matt 30

22 May - Medina & 1655 Habmus Papum

This week we played on a Sunday - wh hooo!

First up was Medina, a game about building a medina.

Steve 48, Richard 45, Garry 32, Matt 25

Then: Rock 'n' Roll!!! A game about voting for the Pope in the 17th century, I've been waiting for a game with this theme for ages. Actualy 1655 Habmus Papum is quite good and got a lot of attention at last years Essen fair.

Matt 16, Garry 15, Richard 14, Steve 10