22 May - Medina & 1655 Habmus Papum

This week we played on a Sunday - wh hooo!

First up was Medina, a game about building a medina.

Steve 48, Richard 45, Garry 32, Matt 25

Then: Rock 'n' Roll!!! A game about voting for the Pope in the 17th century, I've been waiting for a game with this theme for ages. Actualy 1655 Habmus Papum is quite good and got a lot of attention at last years Essen fair.

Matt 16, Garry 15, Richard 14, Steve 10

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Steve said...

This may be a game about building a medina, but its a medina where the only goods for sale are chickens. If you plump too early, the customers will demonstrate their contempt for your paltry palace by going elsewhere, but leave it too late, as Matt did, and you could find that the land for building on is exhausted.