I don't really see the point of this blog anymore I never go back and read it, I never want to know the scores from previous games and I'm not going to do any 'reviews'. I'm gonna knock it on the head. If you're really that interested in the games that I play (and to be honest I don't see why you should be) you can always follow the games logged on the boardgamegeek website, or even just ask me if real life.

I might re-activate this blog at some point but don't hold your breath.

13th Jan - 5 Games in one evening!!!!!

I was fed up with long boring games that take all evening to play when they shouldn't, so I decided to choose some faster, lighter more fun games. First up 2 games of Ave Ceasar.

1st Steve, Matt, Neil, Paul, Garry
1st Paul, Garry Neil, Matt, Steve

Then a couple of games of Fearsome Floors (run away, run away!). I didn't think it was possible to analyse all the fun out of a game about running away from a monster, but I was wrong. Steve won the first game and Neil the second.

And we still had time for 3 hands of Hol's der Geier

Paul 44, Steve 27, Neil 25, Matt 21, Garry 3

6th Jan - Key Market

Key Market is a great game and unfortunately out of print. It goes for crazy prices on the 'geek etc. It makes playing it a nerve racking experience, I watch every arm brushing past coffee mugs with my heart in my mouth. If they reprinted it it would do wonders for my blood pressure.

Garry 120, Matt 116, Paul 113, Steve 106

9th Dec - Tzolk'in

I really like Tolk'in, it has worker placement, resource gathering, multiple paths to victory and not too overly fiddly for what it is (I'm looking at you Bora Bora). But it also collects AP like nothing else. It should last about 90mins, but by half way the wheels are moving slower than tectonic plates on sedatives, I completely lost interest and my mind was wandering, (hmm... how many baked beans are there in a 14oz can?), I do like the game but...

Steve 67, Paul, 57, Matt 44, Garry 40

2nd Dec - Russian Railroads

This week another game of Russian Railroads, one of the better games from a lack luster year.

Steve 285, Garry 249, Matt 239

Then a game of Potato Man, the totaly brilliant trick taking game.

Matt 31, Steve 26, Garry 24