1st Oct - Agricola

Agricola, what more can I say. This time we played with the Netherlands deck which has some mad cards.

Steve 47, Matt 43, Garry 23 (pitiful)

With a bit of time left over we had a game of Botswana. I opened with the Lion gambit which can be very powerful against inexperienced players but it was quickly countered by Matt's Zebra and Rhino pincer movement. Not to be detered Steve powered through with the Elephants but, like Hannibal in the Alps fell, slightly short.

Matt 81, Garry 78, Steve 76

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mattgreen said...

Going lion would have doubtless paid off for you but I'd second-guessed you at bit there and played the mono-elephant 'Final Tusk' gambit to play the 5 and take the only elephant of the game to end the first round. To be fair, it's an obscure play that was one for the aficionados having been risked once before at the 1994 Botwana Pro-celebrity match between Gary Kasparov, Terry Wogan, Ulrika Jonsson and Steve Cox.

Having to resort to these sorts of desperate tactics only underline the power of lions in my opinion and surely the governing body must act on this situation soon.