Feb 5th - 2 Player Vikings

Richard's still off throwing himself down snow covered mountains somewhere so there's just 2 of us. After looking on the 'geek for a few suggestions of multi-player games that work well for 2 I settled on Vikings which was one of last years Hans Im Gluck/Rio Grande releases.

It's a medium weight game where you are the leader of a band of vikings and you have to colonise a group of islands with your Viking meeples (veeples?). A set of Vikings and island tiles are drawn at random and placed around a wheel that has prices on. On you turn you can buy any one island and coresponding viking to add to your colony. The trick is not to pay too much but the wheel moves around as pieces are taken and things get cheaper and cheaper, of course the longer you wait there's a chance that the piece you wanted will get bought by someone else. After each round your colony is scored and you get gold and VP's depending on how well you build you colony. We played twice, once with the standard rules and once with the advanced rules. Both games we fairly close but Steve managed to beat me both times (ever since I started this blog I've failed to win anything, I'm wondering if it's cursed). Vikings is a great game and plays very well with 2 players, thoroughly recommended.

Steve 87, Garry 86
Steve 105, Garry 93


coljenn said...

Perhaps your luck will change when Richard gets back Garry, you are certainly trying a few 2 player games. I liked Viking when I played it just the once.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I can make it across soon for a Tues evening at least you won't come last!


Steerpike said...

I was surprised by how much I liked Vikings. It is very abstract and yet the theme seems to work nicely and, although mechanically it doesn't make any Nordic sense, it still feels like a settlement and conflict game. Weird.

Like I say, I really like it.