Feb 19th - King of Siam/Spiel der Turme

We were three players tonight as Jo was able to make it, made a nice change from all the 2 player games we've played recently. It was Steve's choice and her chose two games that we'd played last month King of Siam and Spiel der Turme. If you want to see pictures of these games have a look at the report from January.

In King of Siam you have to collect cubes OFF the board and try and gain a majority share in the colour that wins the most regions on the board, of course the colour that wins the territory is the colour with the most cubes ON the board. So it's a bit tricky, the more cubes you take the less chance that you can back a winner so you have to be careful with your timing. Also each player has the same 8 cards with which to move the cubes around, you can pass your turn at any time but you still only have 8 turns and as there are 8 territories on the board there is a lot to consider.

This time I decided against collecting even numbers of each colour at the beginning, last time I found that I ended up with an 'average' number of each colour and that's not enough to win. I also made sure that I didn't fight for every territory as with only 8 cards you have to let some cubes go and concentrate on the ones that you can pick up a little easier.

Well it seemed as though it paid off and I just scraped a win (whh hooooo!)

Garry 1st, Steve 2nd, Jo 3rd

As before we got Spiel der Turme out next, the idea is to stack your pieces up by jumping on other pieces with the same symbol on. Your towers only score when they are on one of the blue scoring squares at the end of the game, the games ends when all 4 square of one of the blue areas gets filled, if you can manage to fill them all with your own pieces then you get a double point bonus.

At the start of the game it can look a bit confusing with loads of bits everywhere but as pieces start stacking up it then starts to become clearer. Getting all four of the blue square covered by your own pieces is an obvious advantage, but as soon as you put one piece in then people will jump in on the others, so I hung back biding my time until I could swoop in and steal victory from under the noses of my opponents. Well it didn't quite happen like that as I left it too long and the game ended a bit quicker than I'd anticipated although I had plenty of stacks ready to pounce I only had 1 in a blue scoring area - disaster!

Jo 29, Steve 12, Garry 5

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