Jan 15th - Caylus for 2

Still just the two of us and rather than play a game designed for 2 players I decided on a multi-player game that also works for 2. I'm always a bit sceptical of games that say they work with 2 players, often it's a compromise and can end up as a dull plod. Caylus is one of my favourite games and I'd played it once before as a 2 player game and was quite impressed, so I thought we'd give it another go.

There aren't many rules changes from the multiplayer version, there is no jockeying for turn order as you take it in turns to go first and once the first player passes then the remaining player has to pay 3 deniers to place each of his workers, and that's pretty much it. Steve managed to get a good start and caught me out by managing to build 3 buildings that produced resources, by the time I realised what was happening it was hard to catch up, it was very touch and go throughout the game and Steve managed to just keep me far enough behind to take a comfortable win.

Notice the first 3 blue buildings - I think that was my downfall

As a 2 player game I can't recommend it enough, really tense and with plenty of control and opportunities for screwage, probably more so than in the multi-player game. Also the playing time is a fair bit shorter as well.

Steve 110, Garry 102

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