Feb 27th - Age of Steam Europe

Age of Steam again this week, as a point of interest I have never played this game on the same map twice, and I've played a few times. This time we're playing on the new(ish) Bezier games Europe map.

The map at the end of the game

Richard started building in the UK and down through France and Germany, there were quite a few towns to connect together in that region. Steve started to connect up around the Adriatic as there were a few cubes that could be delivered for 4 points. I had planned to build there but as Steve had beaten me to it I took my second option of build a nice little loop in Spain. As the game progressed Steve had a lot of trouble getting over the Alps and connecting to anything else, eventually he ran out of puff and went bankrupt a turn before the end. In his final few turns he had nothing to ship so he made it difficult for us by shipping Richard's and my cube's for1 point a pop, we both had a few cubes that could have shipped for 6 or 7 points that just went for 1, arrrgh!!!! A good map, but I think it would be better with 4 players.

Hmm... after reading up on the geek it looks like we played a couple of rules wrong. The express link has to be built between 2 CITIES, not towns. And when you place goods on the board as part of the Production action you can take them from anywhere (as long as there are 4 from the left and 4 from the right) on the goods production chart not just the top rows.

Richard 165, Garry 124, Steve Bankrupt

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