Dec 18th - 2 Player Games

We were down to 2 players this week so rather than find a multiplayer game that worked with 2 we had a go at some 2 player games, and none of the games come from the Kosmos 2 player range. First up was Aton a 2 player game from Queen games.

Aton: I managed to fill one of the temples without Steve realising

I'd had this for a while and not played it, it's a card driven area control game, fairly simple with a short playing time. You draw 4 cards from the top of your deck (there is a deck for each player, and during the course of the game you'll use up most of the deck so it evens out the randomness) the cards are numbered 1 to 4 and you place them face down against the 4 'cartouches' on the board, once they are revealed you either place or remove dobbers on the board according to the cards played. A win is achieved by either getting 40 points, filling all the spaces of a temple or all the green or blue spaces on the board. Pretty neat, it feels like a much bigger game than it looks, and definitely has that 'one more time' factor. A note about the first game, after a read through of the rules Steve had forgotten that you can win by filling one temple, hence my easy win.

Game 1 Garry won (filled one temple)
Game 2 Steve 52, Garry 36
Game 3 Garry 47, Steve 22

Next up was Siam a nice looking abstract. Each player has either 5 elephants or 5 rhinos. On the board are 3 rocks. The idea is to push one of the rocks off the board to win, not as easy as it sounds as the other player is obviously trying to do the same and the board is only 5x5. Not a bad game but to be honest it felt very hard to control what was going on. Like a lot of abstracts it will obviously require repeated play to become good at it, I think I just got lucky with this game as I hardly knew what I was doing.

Siam: Nice bits

Garry -3 wins, Steve - 1 win

Lastly we played a few games of Karo another abstract that Steve had picked up in Essen a few years back. It consists of a few black wooden tiles and 2 sets of dobbers (red and white).

Karo: Looks like my front room from 1982, all black ash and primary colours

It seems that you can play several different games using the pieces. We played a game where you have to get 5 in a row, you can move pieces around the board 1 space at a time or jump over another piece, when you jump you have to turn the piece over and to win you have to have all 5 pieces the same way up. As well as this you can move parts of the board around as well. I really liked this game even though I not a big fan of abstracts and Steve thrashed me, getting his revenge for Siam I think.

Steve - 3 wins, Garry - 1 win

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