July 8th - Agricola

Well what else were we going to play today other than Agricola? I'd played a few solo games over the weekend and I was looking forward to having a proper multiplayer game. Jo was gong to be about an hour late so I taught Richard to play and we started a 2 player game. All was going fairly well until around 2/3 of the way through when I realised that I'd mucked up the order of the Action cards which totally skewed the game (doh!). We finished the game even though we'd played it wrong as it was a good learning experience.

Richard 45, Garry 30

Get orrf moi laaand!!

Once Jo had arrived we started on a proper 3 player game making sure that we played it correctly. We played the 'family' version of the game, which is still very involving and not a stripped down simple version. You start with an empty farm and 2 family members, using worker placement you have to grow your farm by fencing in pastures, ploughing fields, planting grain and vegetables and having babies etc etc. and whilst doing this you have to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. It's not as easy as you think and you have to plan carefully for the next harvest to make sure that you have enough food. The way the scoring works at the end of the game means that you need to create a farm with a bit of everything in as if you leave out anything it scores you minus points.

An excellent game and I'm really looking forward to trying the full version with all the cards. And I won something for a change!

Garry 38, Jo 32, Richard 25

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coljenn said...

Glad you finally got to play your copy Garry. I read the almost orgasmic thread on BGG when supposedly normal people posted pictures of delivery vans and received text messages as the progress of the postman. I saw a copy in Salzburg and it weighed a ton....be interested to know what the postage cost was :)