1st July - Spiel der Turme and Figaro

Steve's choice this week and as Richard and I had both forgotton to bring the games that Steve had asked for he chose Spiel der Turme to start with. We've played it several time's since I started this blog so you can easily find out what we think of it. I started out with a simple strategy of trying to jump on as many pieces as I could, that way I figured I had more pieses on the board and there fore more choice and more chances. This is true up to a point, I also became more of a target.

Things were going pretty well when Steve and I suddenly noticed that Richard was only 2 moves away from winning, how did we let that happen! We managed to delay the inevitable and tried to best position ourselves for the point scoring but we couldn't stop Richard.

Richard 22, Steve 12, Garry 9

We had some time left so we had a quick game of Figaro. It's a simple card game where you play cards in front of the players (yourself or others) and the first person to get 6 points in front of them has to pick up all the cards, at the end of the round the person with the largest amount of cards picks up a piece of cardboard road, the road peices are different lenghts and after three rounds the player with the shortest road wins. There is a funny rule in the last round where the winner has to swap one of their road pieces with the ones about to be awarded, this is a typical Reiner Knizia twist (the designer). It was quite good fun with lots of 'take that, no you take that' going on. In the end Richard managed to win by a nose (and dumping nearly every card on me in the final round).

Interestingly the purple 3 card had a picture of Reiner Knizia on it which was a little weird, I'd never seen that sort of thing before, we all recognised him but wondered what non 'geeks would have made of it.

Richard - shortest road, Garry and Steve - joint longest road

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