12th July - Pasteboard & Plastic 6

Another P&P, it's a great day (if you like that kind of thing) Basically a bunch of people playing games in a scout hut all day. I got there just after 10am and after a chat and a rummage through the 2nd hand games stall Mike, Debs, Luke and I started a game of Tinner' Trail. I covered this before just recently and it's a very good game, I was teaching it to 3 new players so it kept me on my toes making sure that I'd correctly remembered the rules. It seemed to go down very well and Debs played a very interesting tatic of auctioning off most of the Mines one after the other at the start of the game. At first I thought I'd got a couple of mines for a good price, but as more and more mines came up for sale the price was dropping lower and lower and people were running out of cash, except Debs of course who managed to get a set of mines very cheaply.

The sell pasties option was also used quite a lot as well, so this made for a very different game from my last playing, still very enjoyable (even tho I came last)

Mike 97 (won on the tie break), Luke 97, Debs 73 , Garry 63

After Tinners' Trail we had a break for lunch and the Mike (who had only brought unplayed games with him) said he had a game called Venesia which he wanted to try. To be honest it wasn't very good and I didn't enjoy the game at all, I didn't record the scores and I didn't take a picture. So here's a quote from BBG's Derk Solko.

"In a word, this game is crap."

Well that's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

After that I sat down with Richard, Steve and Jo and started to learn the rules to Tribune. This was doing very well at last years Essen fair but as it had quite a lot of German text on the cards none of use played it. Well now there was an English version and very good it is too, it uses a worker placement mechanisim (which seems very popular at the moment) to gain cards which you them play in sets to take control of different factions in Rome. It all looked very good with lots of Roman theme but all I could think about was Frankie Howard in Up Pompei.

It was a good game and I want to play it again. My only slight reservation is the fact that it can be difficult to see who's winning until the last moment, but if we play again I'm sure it'll be a bit easier to keep tabs on what's going on.

Steve 5, Richard 3, Garry 3

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