19th July - Agricola (again)

As you can probably tell we're all pretty smitten with Agricola. So much so that I got an email asking if I fancied a game on Saturday night over a Richards. Our group normally meets up on a Tuesday evening with the occasional Saturday daytime, but we all really wanted to give Agricola another couple of plays. This time we decided to use the cards as we were fairly up to speed with the family game. We plumped for the I deck and ploughed in (get it?). After a short while we had reviewed the cards and started playing, I must say that the cards really add to the game, they obviously add a bit of randomness but not as much as I thought and we all started to adjust our strategies as we decided what to do with the cards. At the end we all thought that we'd not done very well but in fact it was a very close finish.

Garry 39, Richard 38, Jo 36, Steve 30

As it was Saturday and no-one had to get up for work the next day we decided to play again. We're starting to get the hang of things now and the scores are getting closer and closer. Jo won despite saying that he thought that Agricola was one of those games that he would never win.

Jo 40, Steve 37, Richard 36, Garry 34

Agricola is an excellent game and the cards just make it even better. Tonight's 2 games were great fun and I can't recommend it enough. I've played it 9 times over the course of the last 2 weeks which is unusal for me. I've upped my rating on the 'geek to a 10 so that puts it alongside Puerto Rico and Caylus for me.

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