29th July - You'll never guess - Agricola!

We played Agricola again! I think I've played this game more times than any other in recent years, it really is that good. There's not much more to write about it really, we played a 4 player game and I came last (I'll have to start practising with the 1 player game).

Jo 39 ,Steve 38, Richard 32, Garry 29
updated due to poor handwriting (sorry Steve)

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Anonymous said...

Did I really win this one? I don't remember doing so. If I did, that's 3 wins on the trot, as I also won on Wed and on Sunday evening, the latter with a score of 45 points, thanks mainly to the businessman, my only occupation.
After initial scepticism, I am enjoying Agricola more each time I play, as I find that the more I try to mess up the other players rather than just doggedly ploughing my own furrow, the better I seem to do.