27th July - Games at friends

I don't normally blog all the games I play, sticking mostly to the more 'gamer' games that we play on a Tuesday night. This weekend we stayed with friends, and I've decided to do a brief write up on the games we played. Paul is very keen on playing games, often saying that Monopoly (so good that it's ranked number 4637 in the board game geek rankings) is his favourite game. After introducing him to several heavier games I was surprised at how well he picked them up (well he beat me every time). This weekend I decided I'd teach him to play Agricola.

We played the family version as the full blown game with the cards can be a bit over whelming the first time out. The weather was glorious so we set up on the patio table, poured some cold drinks and got stuck in.

The end is in sight - I have a bad feeling about this

Coming up to the first harvest and disaster strikes!!! Somehow I 'd completely forgotten about gathering enough food for my 2 family members, I had to pick up a begging card, -3 points, oh the shame! I blame this mistake on making sure that Paul knew all the rules correctly (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.) I was down 3 points but I've played the game 10 times in the last 2 weeks so I should be able to claw some points back before the end of the game.

Can you guess the result?

Things didn't go too well (for me) and I knew that it was going to be close. I added up the score and I'd lost by 1 point - aarrrgghhh! I have to blame it on something, err... I wasn't wearing my lucky socks (do I have any?), the sun was in my eyes, I'd been slipped a micky finn, I'd... oh arse...

1 point, just 1 point!

Paul 34, Garry 33

After dinner and a fair few glasses of wine we first of all had a crack at Felix the Cat in the Hat. It must have been the wine or the relaxed company bit it never got going so it went back in the box and we got Pickomino out instead. This was much more fun (especially when you've had a few), rolling dice to see how may worms you could grab off a barbecue. Despite Sally telling everyone that she was really unlucky with the dice she took the win by a wide margin.

mmm... worms, Sally's winning hand

I can't remember all the scores but everyone pointed out that I'd come last.

The next day before we came home we had a couple of games of Zooloretto. I hadn't played the game before but it wasn't to complicated so after a quick explanation we started playing. I didn't do to well at this either and ended up with a few to many animals in my shed at the end of the game.

Paul 22, Natalie, 22, Garry 17, Sally 16

Now that we'd got the hang of it we decided on one more game, right, this time I was going to be a bit more carefull with the tiles I picked up. Well I think everyone had the same idea and I played a pretty poor game (coming last, as it was pointed out to me)

Paul 27, Sally 24, Natalie 15, Garry 14


coljenn said...

Looks like you had a good weekend Garry, I can't believe you'd played Agricola 10 times and Paul beat you!!! I'm sure it was the lack of lucky socks :) dkpaf

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could do a house swap with Paul so the rest of us can have some real competition! On a serious note, I feel for you - we played Agricola last Weds and I played a truly crap game - just never really got going and I'm still none the wiser...