5th August - Tinners' Trail

No Agricola this week, Tinners' Trail instead. I've covered the game before here so I won't go into any more detail on how it works. We got the board set up and we had a fair amount of water on the board before we started. Steve then started the auctioning off nearly all the mines at the begining of the game, in fact I think I even managed to pick up a reasonable mine for £3. Steve decided to buy an undeveloped piece of land and roll the dice to see what sort of resources it would have, unfortunately the dice were not his friends and he ended up with the worst result that was possible.

eeek! That's 4 water!

In the end Richard managed to take the win by a large margin.

Richard 136, Jo 82, Garry 74, Steve 55

We still had some time left so we plumped for a quick game of Hey that's my Fish. This is a great little game where you have to grab the best selection of fish whilst removing the hexagonal icebergs. After a bit of jockying for position I managed a rare win in a very close game.

Grown men playing with little wooden penguins

Garry 28, Steve 27, Richard 26, Jo 14

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