25th March - Carcassonne on a PC

Well this week Steve and I took a break from playing board games and decided to try the Carcassonne PC game. Steve had got the game a few days previous and had already played over 40 games! He's set up a four player game, us and 2 'bots'. It's a good interpretation of the board game and if you know how to play the original you should have no problem playing the computer game.

A laptop yesterday

The 2 bots played to a high standard and I came last, but I have reservations about playing computer versions of board games. I work at a PC all day so playing a computer game is a bit like a busman's holiday. I like playing board games because of the social interaction, I like taking on a human opponent and the bits are nice. But the computer game doesn't have any of that, I've played it a couple of times on my own since (with the skill level set lower so I stood a chance of beating it), the thing is I love computers I build my own, read magazines and really enjoy working on them, but I found it an empty experience, I'd rather have read a book. I must be feeling extra grumpy today.

I didn't record the score but I lost

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David W said...

Where did you find the PC game? I'd love to buy it, but cannot presently find any sources.