11th March - Rails of Europe

Rails of Europe is the long waited for expansion for Railroad Tycoon. You get a new map, thankfully not as big as the original, and some cards. Play is pretty much the same as Railroad Tycoon with a few exceptions, there are some 'Major Routes' marked on the board and you get points if you are the first to complete the route. Richard and Steve started of in the middle of the map and were fighting amounst themselves for most of the game, they almost seemd to have forgotton about me and I manages to create a large network running from the south of Spain and Portugal all the way up to Amsterdam and Berlin.

The End of the game was fairly close and I managed a win by 2 points. Overall we all like the game and in my opinion it's a much better map that the American one, things are much tighter in Europe and there is a lot of player interaction even with 3 players, it's still not as tight as Age of Steam though. If you own the original game I would thoroughly recommend that you buy this expansion.

Garry 110, Richard 108, Steve 86

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