1st March - Pasteboard and Plastic

It's been ages since I've updated this blog so I guess I've fulfilled the half hearted part of my remit. Any way I' skim over some of the games we've played in the last month or so in an effort to catch up. Pasteboard and Plastic is a games day held in the Scout hut in Saltdean just outside of Brighton. It start's early and runs fairly late so people can come and go as they want. I arrived at 10am and started a game of Vikings, I've covered Vikings in another posting but it's a much overlooked game The three people who I taught it to had never played before but all enjoyed it.

Pete 60, Garry 33, Adrian 28, Chris 26

We come from the land of Ice and snow...

Next up was a quick couple of games of Felix: The cat in the sack. This was a big hit at Essen, it's fairly light and a good amount of luck is involved but it was very cheap (9 euros), plays quickly and makes a good filler.

Each player plays a card on the table, one card is turned over and then the playes start bidding for them, If a player drops out he takes a some coins and turns the next card over so the remaining players have a better idea of what they're bidding on. So lots of fun and we had a good laugh playing it. I'm looking forward to playing it with my non game playing friends.

Gary 56, Pete 43, Garry 25, Steve 25
Tom 63, Steve 28, Helen 24, Garry 13

After a quick sarnie Steve and I had a couple of games of Karo, I obviously wasn't concentrating as I lost 2-0. Then Tony joined us for a game of Spiel der Turme. This the 3rd time I've played this in the last few months and it gets better each time, I don't think I'd rush out and buy a copy but its an enjoyable multiplayer abstract.Once again I left it too late to start moving my towers into the scoring squares and came on last.

Tony and Steve playing Spiel der Turm
Steve 24, Tony 8, Garry 3

My final game of the day was Dungeonville a Zman game about exploring Dungeons hmmm... I wasn't sure about this, It has the same push your luck element as Diamant but the mechanism seems overly complicated, so you can make as many optimised plays as you like then it will all fall apart on the luck of the draw, not one for me.

Mike 7 Richard 6, Garry 7

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