First Post


Well here's my first ever blog post on my first ever blog.

I've set this blog up to take over the Billygames blog, Colin has moved away and will be retiring to Austria soon, the thought of playing Age of Steam must have proved too much! Anyway as none of us live in Billingshurst now I've started a new blog and named it 'Green Dobbers' as I normally play with the green bits.

I've started this with good intentions so I hope that I can keep it up, I've never been much of a writer, but I'll give it a shot.

Sorry for the horrible look of this page, but as I'm new at all this blog stuff things will probably move around a fair bit and change colour as I get the hang of things.


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coljenn said...

Hi Garry,
Just had a look at Greendobbers sitting in the library in Tunbridge Wells! Looks good, really glad your'e going to try to keep up the reports. I shall post a link on Billygames when I get a chance and put some stuff on a bit later when we have something interesting to say. Just had the first night with mother-in-law.....4 quizzes and 2 soaps...aaaaaaaah! She's lovely really. lol.

All the best to everyone
Colin and Tina