13th Nov - Commands and Colors: Ancients

No more Colin and no Steve this week. Just Richard and I so we decided to give Commands and Colors a go. C and C is a fairly abstract war game and is similar to Memoir '44 and Battlelore (or so I'm told). Commanding your Army is achieved by playing the relevant card (move 2 units on the left etc) and combat is resolved by dice throws.

Sorry about the rubbish quality of the pic, next time I'll use a proper camera not a mobile phone.

Richard had played it several times before and I'd not played this type of game since I was at school. I got a quick run through of the rules and we dived in. It took me a while to sort out exactly how to make things work the way I wanted, and even then I didn't do too well, not very well at all, well I got slaughtered basically.

It's quite a nice little system and the scenario we were playing didn't take too long so it was easy to set them up and have another crack at it. Funny thing was I fared worse the more I seemed to understand what I was doing, this time I'll blame it on bad cards and dice, but next time...

Richard 3 Garry 0

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