5th August - Al Rashid

We played Al Rashid this week.
hmmm... the game itself is quite reasonable, a worker placement/bidding mechanism to gather resources and powers, it's not bad but nothing new.

However the problem with the game is this, first the rule book is a mess, this on it's own is not enough to put us off as clarifications are normally resolved on the 'geek. The graphic design (or lack of) is possibly the worst I have ever seen, despite being in English I couldn't read a single word of text, it was either to small that you would need a magnifiying glass to read it or it was written in a very stylized font that made it illegible, even the title on the box cover needs a bit of working out. Then the colours of the Guild Tiles are 5 different colours but they are are printed so similar that I could hardly tell the difference. Coupled with the sub 5pt type I couldn't read my own tiles let alone the ones available or owned by other players upside down over the otherside of the table, I made several mistakes due to this.

So a fairly run of the mill game that is totaly unplayable in it's current form, hope I never have to play it again.

Jo 29(tiebreak), Paul 29, Garry 25, Steve 19

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