3rd Nov - Agricola + Farmers of the Moor

Another new Essen game, this time the Agricola expansion Farmers of the Moor. We played the family version as there was enough new stuff going on without having to deal with the new minor improvements and occupations. The expansion really improves the family game and we all thought that it made it a much better game as a result. We'll have to see if the full version with the cards just makes it too mind boggling.

I used my normal strategy of being really rubbish which seems to have worked really well.

Steve 41, Matt (10 horses!) 38, Richard (only 2 family members!) 37, Garry 26


Tonksey said...

Playing with the new Minor Improvements as well is really good, better than the updated Family game. I don't think I'd try Level 3 though...!

mattgreen said...

I was thinking about the game on the train this moring and why I chose the startegy I did. I came to teh conclusion the arrnagement of my forests and peat led me to think that the Peat Kiln and the Forest's Lodge would be the best bets for me. I felled one set of trees and cut all my peat, mostly becasue it was near my house and in the way of the best field site. Having done that I ahd to get a food engine going after everyone else. The engine I chose was rather too shakey in retrospect.

Good game, good game.