17th Nov - Steam Barons

Steam Barons is the share system add on/expansion for Steam. It does change things quite a lot and makes it a completely different game, you have to keep stopping yourself from thinking like you do during normal Steam/AoS.

I have a few concerns after 1 play, the company turn order is determined randomly each turn which has a major affect on the game, we're wondering if there is some way of changing this so it's more predictable. It's also very difficult to determine if a company's shares will go up in value (but this could be down to the fact that this was our first game). But what really annoyed me was that you couldn't tell the white and natural coloured trains apart, I had to put black dots on the white funnels to make it playable.

A good game but it'll need more plays to see how well it works.

Richard 106, Steve 101, Garry 75

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