9th Dec - Le Havre again

After Sundays 5 hour slog I was keen to try a short game of Le Havre with less players. Our Tuesday group was down to 3 players this week, so it was an ideal chance to give it another go whilst it was still fresh. Lance joined us for the first time this week, we met him at our hotel in Essen and as he just lives up the road he came down for a visit.

Richard and I gave Lance a rules intro and we got started. It certainly played a lot better with 3 and the short version of the game shouldn't be seen as an inferior version. With a few pointers, Lance, who hadn't played before, did remarkably well.

I still have some issues with it, the poor rules being one of them. Also once there are a lot of buildings in play it gives the players a lot of options and because of that it does make things very difficult to thwart other players. Also there are a lot of buildings (cards) and to play the game well you really need to know what they do, there is no way you can pick this up easily, you need to play the game several times.

There is a good game in there somewhere, hopefully with a few more plays it will reveal itself (I have my fingers crossed)

Richard 136, Garry 133, Lance 130

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